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i/we exist here to exist perpetually & fuck the every system of monarchy


recognize the surface of everything's death & dark subsequentry i/you face Self-ego

Text | 超脱戯曲:リシン

>>> 本作は戯曲であり、原作として上演してくださる劇団さまを求めております。ご連絡当方迄。

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Event | 第二十五回文学フリマ東京(済)

人間超脱阿片窟としてサークル参加し、新刊3冊(Αναρχισμος / UNITAS TRANQUILLA / MANEUVER)及びステッカー2種(護符 / DQ)を頒布。

  @東京流通センター 第二展示場 

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About: Kammultica

abstractist, hardcore poet

All writing is for absolute. Human's good, positivism is restricted by anthropic principle; the relative law rules person and text monarchially. However, if we consider an information processing system receives external signals from nature, 'Nous', and regard persons(containing nonhuman) who have its particular function as Tribus, we could discover the higher level with Tribus-epistemological perspective. Consequently, the discovery leads comprehensive world vaster than the physical universe brought by Negativism that transcend the relative law: the liberated consciousness which perceives the longer diameter of Macrocosmos Negative-Theologically functions and abstracts each particular logic(for Human, 'Logos') structured by Tribus-own subject. Hence the universalized logic is essentialized into the truer logic; furthermore it perpetually generates Speculative Chaoses, beginnings of particular world.

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Twitter: @kammulticae
Mail: kammultica@gmail.com


I write for liberation from homogenity, globalism and all persecution of individuality.

  • 先端文学宣言
    the development of 21c literature with self-perpetual-innovation
    (Japanese only)
    Queer as ultimate of uniqueness and its ontology, Queer as Uniqueness Integlation Literally Theory
    (now writing)
  • Escape-Anarchism
    the strategy to live of person equilibrated to state/government

re:birth as a linguistic existence

more information, refer to Japanese ver.

-spinaltox is a willingness to accept all-

-spinaltox is a willingness to accept all-